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    Every dieter is on an endless pursuit of attaining his or her dream body. The picture is clear in their head but the means of attaining the shapely and sexy body is usually fuzzy. Before we look at how to get beautiful body shape, let us first assess what is a beautiful body shape.

    What is a beautiful body shape?

    An attractive body for men is the V-shaped torso while for women, it is the coveted hour-glass shape. This is the picture that most dieters have in their mind when visualizing the end-result of their weight loss efforts. This is the prize that every dieter is after.

    What gives a body an attractive shape?

    The body shape of a man or a woman is determined by how much muscle and fat he or she carries. Most people do not realize that it is muscles that give a woman her curves. Similarly, its muscle that give men a V-shaped torso.
    Body definition can only be revealed if the fat layer covering the muscles is removed. Well defined muscles give the body shape. Excess body fat distorts body shape.

    How to get beautiful body shape?

    In order to attain a shapely figure, one needs to remove the fat that distorts body shape and tone up the muscles that give the body its shape. It is simple but not easy. The only way to achieve this is by losing pure body fat. Weight loss will not give this result.
    A lot of women and also men are ignorant about why weight loss does not enhance body shape. Most of these dieters have the false notion that weight loss will lead to a better looking body. This is because they are confused between weight loss and fat loss.
    When you lose weight, you could be losing water, muscles and fat. When you have fat loss, you are focused on losing only fat. Women may not view losing muscles as a big deal but it really is. Women who lose lots of muscles via dieting and fad diets can never get shapely bodies. They will just have shrunken bodies. Their bodies look haggard and develop bad posture. Muscles are needed to give the body shape.

    What you need to do?

    The first thing you need to do is to shift your focus to losing fat and not losing weight. You need to use a pair of body fat calipers to measure fat loss progress. You need to measure your %body fat on a weekly basis and make sure that this number is constantly reducing. At times, your % bodyfat could be reducing but your weight may seem stagnant. This is sometimes the result of the body losing fat and building muscles. As long as %bodyfat is reducing, your body will be getting sexier and shapelier.
    Women should target 19 to 22 %bodyfat while men should target 11 to14 %bodyfat. A healthy weekly fat loss is 2 pounds. The body is just not able to burn anymore fat than this.

    How to do it?

    The secret of a sexy and shapely body is fat loss and muscle toning. You need to follow a program that puts your body in fat burning mode while preserving your muscles. Most dieters do not realize that conventional weight loss fad diets are quite ineffective at losing fat and preserving muscles. Most of these diets cause massive amounts of muscle loss along with some amount of fat loss.

    You need a holistic approach to lose fat and shape up the body

    You need a holistic approach if you want to lose fat and shape up your body. Details of an effective fat loss method are not discussed here and people who are interested to know more can learn about the 7 keys of correct weight loss. You could also download the free Correct Weight Loss Alpha (for men) or the Correct Weight Loss Diva (for women) programs which are based on these 7 keys of correct and holistic weight loss. Correct weight loss happens when you lose only fat while preserving your muscle mass. A holistic approach is the only proven definitive method of how to get beautiful body shape.
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