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    How to Turn a Dull Body Into a Sexy Curvy Figure (Teen Girl).MulTifarioUs Globe Topics

    1. Take a good look at yourself. What body type are you? Are you apple, hourglass...etc..?

      • Hourglasses have large breast ,a large bottom,small thighs and waists
      • Pears have small to medium size breast,a small waist,large thighs and large bottoms.The lower legs are usually skinny,but vary.
      • Apples have large breast,a large waist, small to medium bottoms,with skinny legs.
      • Rectangles are pretty much straight up and down with little curves.
      • Keep in mind 3 things.1) If you are under 17 or 18,your body is still developing and your body shape may change during this time.2)You can maximise your good parts and fix the bad spots,but you probably won't be able to change your body shape completely.A rectangle should not aim to be a hourglass,but a toned butt and legs is a excellent choice.
    2. 2
      Decide what you want to look like. Do you want to be athletic, slim, petite....the possibilities are endless.
    3. 3
      Eat healthy and exercise. You don't have to cut out chocolate etc completely, but it's good to eat a small amount of it, not pig out on it.

      • For your breast,do push ups,swimming,and bench presses.
      • Do windmills and pressups for your arms. You could do weights, too.
      • Do crunches,sit ups,and swimming for your waist.Losing weight will usually shrink the waist.
      • Walking,running,cycling and squats for your butt.
      • These are just to name a few and vary your exercises.Don't do strength training every day,most of your exercise should be cardio
    4. 4
      Buy clothes that flatter your figure. Baggy t-shirts and jeans might make you feel good, but they don't flatter you at all.

    5. 5
      Get your family and friends to support your choice! It will give you a big boost - and they might even join in!

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