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    Sex Week – An Open Conversation About Sex

    Sex Week An Open Conversation About Sex
    Started at Yale in 2002, and now got to Harvard, the Sex Week consists of lectures, panel discussions and blush-
    inducing conversations about all those sexual themes. It is a student-run program. Such event has spread to colleges around all the country. Different versions of this event have been held in Indiana University, Northeastern, Brown, and Washington University.
    This event, despite of all those debates about contraception and reproductive healthy financing, twists away from all that politics and has concentrated on students and their understanding of such theme. Today’s situation in college is rather confusing as in the time when everything is open and the sexuality is on display, students, according to the research, have less sex than in past generations. As to 21-year-old junior Suzanna Bobadilla, everyone in Harvard is talking about having sex which is not necessarily true.
    The Sex Week at Harvard was not just an ordinary conversation about sex. There were some unusual details. A table that was organized for this week contained rather unfamiliar things, such as lubricants, different diaphragms, a gynecologist’s speculum and condoms for him and for her. With all those lectures and conversations helping students to understand the sex theme better, the Sex Week was important for Harvard students that will never admit that they don’t know anything.
    Firstly it started as a Kosher Sex Week at Yale and was an interest group, but as an every small club grew up to something bigger and more global. There has been always a place for the sex education in college study as the students have been always trying to fill the gaps in education in their own way.
    The themes discussed during the Sex Week in Harvard were various: from conversation to your doctor about sexual life to discussions on relationship between sex and religion, on ethics of pornography, and gay-sex.
    Sex Week An Open Conversation About Sex
    Of course such event could not exist without the opposition. There will always be people who won’t like the idea about sex promotion in college and with college paying for it. Others find such occasions promoting sex-for-fun approach.
    But nowadays the Sex Week is evolving, and there appeared such events as True Love Week and Women of Worth. The latter took place at Northwestern University and appeared to be just a spa-night for women as an alternative for the Sex Week.
    In the times when sexual materials are easily available, the Harvard students appeared to be rater tame. And such Sex Week event may be rather useful for everyone.
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